OneClimate at the Paris Climate Summit

OneClimate was reporting live from the Summit with short Periscope reports and interviews with key participants. Check out below some of what happened – as it happened – and keep in touch for the future by following @oneclimate on Twitter, to be notified every time we go live.


  • Mark Stone – reporting for Sky News (with a few retakes)
  • “A Poisoned Chalice for the Poor” – that’s the reaction from Friends of the Earth.
  • Global Campaign to Demand Climate Justice – all they are promising is to try harder.
  • Action Aid – Harjeet Singh, Action Aid’s global lead on climate change calls the agreement a mixed bag – some good aims but little clarity on how they will be achieved.
  • Caroline Lucas – a brief chat at the bus stop with the only British Green Party MP
  • Dr Rowan Williams – the former Archbishop of Canterbury reflects on the moral dimensions of climate change and the the countervailing forces of nationalism and fundamentalism.
  • A glimpse into the glamorous lair of the Saudi delegation.
  • Camilla Toulmin – former Head of IIED puts the COP into the context of the challenge of real world development.
  • Kumi Naidoo – Head of Greenpeace is angrier than ever about the fossil fuel forces he calls ‘criminal’.
  • Bill McKibbenin a grabbed comment the co-founder of combines pessimism about the COP with determination to fight on -“I just get up in the morning and make trouble for the bad guys.”
  • Lord Prescott – former deputy UK Prime Minister


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