What is ONECLIMATE’s vision?

Climate change can be stopped. After years of increasing despair, we can breathe again – because now there are clear lights at the end of the tunnel.

  • A fast-growing divestment movement, especially in the global north, is saying NO to investing in dirty fossil fuels.
  • A rapidly developing clean energy movement, especially in the global south, is saying YES to investing in renewables.
  • Doctors are recognising how climate costs are hitting healthcare systems.

What does ONECLIMATE do?

OneClimate brings you the facts about climate change and the opportunities to stop it – because the more you know, the better the action you can take, and the quicker the world can switch to being cleaner and greener.

So OneClimate activities include:

  • interviewing experts who can arm you with information
  • writing mythbusters that puncture disinformation from deniers
  • filming key talks at climate conferences and global summits, so you can attend their best bits virtually
  • developing Mosaic Earth, an unusual, inspiring call from the people of the world to policy-makers, showing us we must protect life on Earth.

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Who created ONECLIMATE?

  • 2004 – Anuradha Vittachi led an informal, voluntary OneClimate group.
  • 2006 – OneClimate evolved into a OneWorld UK project (2006), co-directed by Anuradha Vittachi and Peter Armstrong.
  • 2015 – OneClimate moved to Word Pictures Ltd, Peter and Anuradha’s independent media company, as a major component of its ‘Empathy Media’ programme.

Who does ONECLIMATE work with?

How is ONECLIMATE funded?

  • OneClimate earns its way by working with climate-concerned organisations – e.g. by filming the speakers at Climate Parliament events.
  • We accept pro bono support from sympathetic organisations – e.g. Alcatel-Lucent generously provided cutting-edge technology development.
  • We accept donations from sympathetic individuals and organisations – e.g. the School of Movement Medicine.

How does Mosaic Earth fit in?

Mosaic Earth is a linked project, inspired by Susannah Darling Khan of the School of Movement Medicine [SMM] and developed by Peter and Anuradha.
It is a collaboration between SMM and the Hedgerley Wood Trust.
The technology is based on existing Seadragon software, further developed by Ken Kitson of OneWorld UK, plus pro bono enhancements generously donated by Alcatel-Lucent.