Welcome to a unique new initiative

Your chance to challenge the world leaders on the climate emergency.

You can put your video challenge to the world leaders into a giant digital petition that will confront them as the walk through the conference centre.  Send a video tweet from your phone telling them in around 20 seconds one thing you’re doing to play your part in tackling the climate emergency. Then you’ve got every right to challenge them to do their part, because as well as personal change, systematic change at a government and corporate level is vital to save life on Earth.

Here’s a short taster to give you an idea of how it works:

You can join young activists around the world raising our voices to save our planet home. An Earth-empathy is growing. This will be our urgent message to decision- makers everywhere that time is running out to save the planet we love – our only home.

So we’d love you to take part and add your challenge to the world leaders. It’s as simple as recording your video message on your phone.

  • Aim for up to 20 seconds, with the first part saying one action you are taking to help reach net-zero, and the second part saying one action you think the world leaders should take.
  • Then tweet your video with #MyBitYourBit.
  • Your video message will then be displayed in the digital Planet Earth. You’ll get a reply tweet giving you the link to watch it back and retweet it to spread the word.

Check out our digital planet now.

The urgency couldn’t be greater. Let’s tell the world leaders just how much we care.

This is an initiative of the UK charity The Hedgerley Wood Trust, which creates innovative media in the cause of climate justice. We’re working in partnership with the following: OneClimate, Fridays For Future locally, Climate Action: Race to Zero, Unimondo, Jamie Perrelet Software, and The School of Movement Medicine. With special thanks to Susannah Darling Khan, School of Movement Medicine, Anuradha Vittachi, Peter Armstrong, OneWorld. OneClimate, Hedgerley Wood Trust, Chris White, Alcatel-Lucent, GCCA, Ken Kitson, and Jamie Perellet.