Join Mosaic Earth

Do you ache at the thought of losing something that means the world to you – because climate change threatens to take it away?

Perhaps you feel for your grandchildren struggling to survive in a chaotically stormy and drought-ridden planet, or animals you love are now in danger of extinction.

You can join the thousands of people who have already added their video or photo message to Mosaic Earth, calling on politicians to stop this destruction. Click here to see how.

Working with your organisation

Each year we select a small number of organisations to work with. If you are in the UK working at an ethical organization with a climate focus, and would like us to make a film about what you are trying to achieve or what your experts say, or to give a talk at your climate conference, contact us via peter [@] hedgerleywood.org.

In the past three years, OneClimate has worked with Climate Parliament, Climate Psychology Alliance, Centre for Sustainable Health, United Nations Development Programme, Climate and Development Knowledge Network, LinkTV and the School of Movement Medicine.