Coming Soon – The Mycelium Map

In May this year our latest project goes live – the Mycelium Map.
None of us can face the climate/nature emergency alone. As climate scientist Michael Mann said, “Urgency without agency just leads us towards despair and defeatism.”
To empower ourselves, we need link up with empowered, empathetic communities. And we need find people providing practical resources, from solar panels to new ways of growing food. And we need access to the levers of power, from citizens assemblies to working with local politicians willing to initiate positive cascades of change. So how are we to find all these other people: empathic, practical, political? By using the Mycelium Map with its metaphor of active community networks made visible – starting in the four counties in the Chilterns.
The map will be helping communities green faster by joining local green dots. People can see at a glance:
·     what green events are happening locally – on the user’s preferred dates and within their preferred travel range
·     which green organisations they might like to engage with (community groups, conservation bodies, faith groups, councils, schools with environmental programs, etc)
·     what goods and services are being offered by local green businesses to help individuals and organisations make practical changes towards becoming greener.
And when people see how many organisations are springing up all around us to help decelerate the climate-nature emergency, confidence can replace powerlessness. We don’t need to wait for a peaceful, grassroots, climate-nature movement to happen: we are already here! And the Mycelium Map makes this reality visible.
In this way the Mycelium Map is a mirror to the climate majority – connecting together members of the public, small community groups, larger climate-nature bodies, green SMEs, volunteers, councils, faith groups, farmers, and schools – and thus providing easy access to:
·      Friendly local green groups, answering the question ‘What can I do?’ and providing moral support as you do it
·      Trustworthy businesses, providing the goods and services you may need for doing it
·      Dynamic daily reflections to local councils about what the climate majority wants.
Details soon on how you and your local communities in the Chiltern area can put yourselves on the map.