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Our Top Climate Documentaries

The Energy Internet Governments are pouring trillions of dollars into subsidizing the fossil fuel industry, even though their dirty fuels are causing the climate catastrophe. But are clean renewable energies ready to power the world? Yes – with the Energy Internet. You may not have heard of the Energy Internet – but you soon will. It’s […]

Key Metric Campaign

Campainging for our Planet’s Life and Death Metric To achieve public support for the urgent transition we must achieve in the next 3 years, we need a visible measure of success. Are we decarbonising in time? Has the deadly upward curve starting turning down yet? We should be looking for the answer every day and […]

Meaning It – COP26 without the blah, blah, blah

Throughout the fortnight in November 2021 in Glasgow, Anuradha Vittachi was reporting on the COP26 Climate Summit. Each night’s ‘Meaning It’ programme featured a different guest exploring key aspects of the negotiations underway inside the COP.Monday, November 1 Prizewinning science journalist Mark Lynas talks to Anuradha about the Climate Vulnerability Forum, a global south coalition […]


Welcome to a unique new initiative – your chance to challenge the world leaders meeting at the COP26 Climate Summit in Glasgow this November. You can put your video challenge to the world leaders into a giant digital petition that will confront them as the walk through the conference centre.  Send a video tweet from […]

Memorial for Life

Token children’s coffins in the street, songs of lamentation, letters from children, demands for radical action on the climate catastrophe from Church authorities on their way into a key meeting in Church House, London on 12th February 2020. Live coverage of a moving vigil by Christian Climate Action with Extinction Rebellion, bringing home the urgent necessity […]

Everything you wanted to know about electric cars

Are EVs right for you? And are they right for the environment? A fascinating presentation by Anthony Simpson, Research Associate (Renewable Energy and Electric Vehicles), University of Reading. A meeting of Chinnor and Thame Friends of the Earth, December 2019. Interesting to compare this with my first outing to explore the possibility of getting an […]

Electric at last

Twelve years ago as part of our greening campaign we started looking at electric cars. This was the story as it appeared back then. Nothing back then seemed really practical. But now finally the time seemed right to take the plunge, and looking at all the models, the Nissan Leaf looked like it would work […]

Energy Internet

Is this an answer to global warming that we’re missing? What do you think? This is a short taster for a documentary coming soon on a new campaign by Nick Dunlop and the Climate Parliament