OneClimate Centre Links – ‘Right Here Right Now’

OneClimate Centre Links – following up the ‘Right Here Right Now’ January 18th Event Lots of good aims and resources

NFFT gearing up for IPCC AR6, and huge number of other links and resources

More on the High Seas Treaty

BBC News – London Stadium to be covered in solar panels to generate power

An abuse of power workers –

Bake Off had a ‘vegan week’ episode on today! how’s that for a sign of the culture shifting? 😄 Is benign communism the way forward? (Akin to Pauline communism).

We had a very well attended meeting for the Cosy Thame feedback session at Thame Town Hall on Thursday.
We live streamed the session and got another 100 attendees as a result!
You can watch the recording here:
It starts at about 13 minutes in.

Rosalind Redhead, now based in Oxford, has a blog about attempting to live a net zero lifestyle, which is very interesting (and shows how far away the major of the UK is) –

Carbon rationing –

ruth mayne has kindly sent me an Oxfam report she co-wrote with case studies tackling climate change at scale.

the full report is 53 pages long! but there is a 7 page Executive Summary.;jsessionid=0ABE6FCC70ED8D5A0D09CF18FA5C8917?sequence=4

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