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Electric at last

Twelve years ago as part of our greening campaign we started looking at electric cars. This was the story as it appeared back then. Nothing back then seemed really practical. But now finally the time seemed right to take the plunge, and looking at all the models, the Nissan Leaf looked like it would work […]

Energy Internet

Is this an answer to global warming that we’re missing? What do you think? This is a short taster for a documentary coming soon on a new campaign by Nick Dunlop and the Climate Parliament    

“The Seed Beneath The Snow”

<img src=”https://www.flemingpolicycentre.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/filming-1.jpg” alt=”David Fleming on Hampstead Heath, June 2010″ width=”490px” /> As film-makers we’ve been set a fascinating challenge – can we bring to life a set of ideas that could prove crucial to the future of our society? How can we do justice to the legacy of the unique writer, economist and ecologist, David […]

The Seed Beneath the Snow

What do you make of this? The topic could hardly be more urgent: our common future and how to survive it. We’re opening up for collaboration a major new documentary about the unique vision of the radical economist, David Fleming. This is the first of a dozen tasters for your feedback with ideas, events and […]

Oceans of Plastic

A summer evening with the Green Drinks crowd at Long Crendon, for a great presentation by Will McCallum of Greenpeace. He told a shocking story of just how bad the plastic pollution of our seas has become and how Greenpeace is campaigning to turn the tide.

Green Drinks Group Talks Electric Cars

Green Drinks is a group that meets in the Oxfordshire/Bucks borders to discuss all things green – as well as sharing a drink or two. This month the topic for discussion was electric cars – the joys and pitfalls of owning a Renault Zoe, and a new e-car sharing scheme in Oxford. Karen Dauncey introduces […]

The Psychology of Climate Action

London November 2016: the Climate Psychology Alliance held a conference on the theme of “New Perspectives on Leadership”. Here are the five presentations and the panel discussion that followed. Professor Andrew Samuels – Taking the Green Agenda out of the Margins Sally Weintrobe – On the Uncaring Mindset in Political Leadership Dr Phil Davison – […]

Green Drinks at Hedgerley Wood

On 9th September 2016, 24 environmentalists from neighbouring villages gathered at Hedgerley Wood for an evening that had ‘inspired and given hope, at last,’ – as one of them put it – ‘that the world can still be saved from climate catastrophe’. Their inspiration and hope sprang from a game-changing idea proposed by Nick Dunlop, the visionary founder of […]