OneClimate Centre Links – ‘Dismantling the Oil Machine’

OneClimate Centre Links – January 18th Event – Dismantling the Oil Machine

Report: Wind and solar helped EU from energy crisis – link

The role of local government in the journey to net zero – link

BBC News – Climate change: Uni degree will train future disruptors – link

Fossil Free Oxfordshire Divestment Campaign – link

Tell Oxfordshire County Council to divest local government pension scheme from fossil fuels – link

Insulate Britain testimony silenced, plus the opportunity to sign a letter calling for the polluter to pay – link


From Maureen Dyroff: Hey! Not sure if you’ve heard, but people everywhere are rising up in resistance against the fossil fuel industry. Right now, fossil fuel companies are driving the climate crisis – causing death, destruction and displacement around the world. The climate crisis knows no borders, but people that have done the least to cause the climate crisis are paying the highest price. Can you join me in signing this urgent petition? link

There’s a WhatsApp group for green petitions, please join if you’d like to post any – link

BBC News – Housing crisis: Could Bristol’s back gardens offer a solution?
Use of eco buildings in back gardens to help with the housing crisis – link

A Gaian perspective on Politics. This tries to get to the nub of the problem. I’m still not sure it gets us closer to a solution but interesting (Doug Kennedy) – link

Simon Maxwell on next steps in footprint calculators – link

Simon Maxwell on personal lifetime carbon budget – link

Simon Maxwell on blog introducing the carbon footprint calculator:. Lots of interesting points, like subsidies are available for the poorest to insulate, but actually the biggest culprits are the rich with big houses, who have no incentive to act – link

Simon Maxwell on the profits of the oil majors, there is lots to say. Shell and BP make a lot of their profits outside the country  (which is a problem for a windfall tax) and a lot from trading, including retail. On BP see – link

Simon Maxwell on A separate question is all the jobs in garages and mechanics that will be affected if we go electric – link Nearly 800000 people in the UK work in the motor industry, 200000 in maintenance and repair. That’s why it is imperative to think about transition pathways – link

The reports of the Committee on Climate Change – link

Information about the Brighton and Hove climate assembly, on the Council website – link